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BCFerries first ferry sailed to Canada

The first in the BCFerries series on its way to Canada.
Salish Orca is the first of a series of units powered by LNG, which was created in Gdansk for the shipowner BC Ferries. The trip to British Columbia is expected to take about 55 days, but it all depends on the weather conditions. The unit will sail through the Baltic Sea, then the English Channel and the Atlantic, after crossing the Panama Canal, will move along the western coast of North America straight to Canada.
Salish Orca in numbers
• total length: 107,20 m
• length between plumbs: approx. 103.45 m
• construction width: 23.50 m
• max width: 24.00 m
• Height to the main deck: 6.60 m
• construction draft: approx. 4.65 m
• max. operating speed: 15.5 knots
• number of passengers and crew: 600
• Seats in passenger rooms: 480
• Seats on open decks: 176
• Car load capacity: 150