FAMOS Interior Factory

Design / consulting

Design / consulting

The need for beauty is in all of us. It makes us want to surround ourselves with beautiful objects in day to day life as well… even when we’re just passing through! 

We provide our clients with our full knowledge and experience as early as the concept stage and material selection.

When it comes to interiors „beauty” doesn’t just come down to aesthetic sensations… It’s a combination of high quality, high level of execution, both in terms of applied materials and construction solutions, and aesthetics and comfort of use. You will find this unique set of features in all of hotel interiors designed by us.

The ability to decide the final shape of furniture is our response to the ever stronger need to express individuality and taking into account the real needs of hotel guests  – who often choose a hotel based on the originality and unique character of the decor.

Our clients can choose among various finishing materials, such as: leather, Corian, textiles, natural veneers, brushed veneers,  MDF glass, solid wood, laminates.

From small projects to big investments, from standard spaces to unique interiors.

There are no projects impossible for us to make…


From design to completion …

  • 1Design
  • 2Visualisation
  • 3Final implementation

Project managment

Project managment

Proper project management lets you avoid problems with its implementation …

We know that the implementation process of every investment requires proper management on every stage. That is why we provide our clients with a full team of qualified project managers who will make sure that every stage from arrangements through implementation and installation, goes smoothly and is completed on time.

Our experienced constructors will make sure that the vision of our clients and their designers can become reality in the form of exceptional interiors.


  • 1Material managment
  • 2Time managment
  • 3People managment



Variety of services, specialized personnel, modern machine park, and a wide range of used materials lets us provide our clients with solutions perfectly catered to their individual requirements and expectations.

The experience gained in production of furniture in the naval market, furniture, that has to meet the stringent requirements of classification societies, as well as highest quality craftsmanship lets us fully satisfy the clients in the  HoReCa market and furnishing public facilities.

– 4 000 m2  production area

– years of experience

– variety of processed materials

– flexibility of production focused on projects

All that allows us to fulfill our clients’ expectations without the need for constant cooperation with outside subcontractors as we are able to realize even the largest investment using only our own production team

Strict quality control and proper design focused on product durability allows us to maintain long term relations with our regular customers.

Bearing in mind the safety of use we abide by strict norms of product features. And the certificates we received confirm that our products pose no danger to the health of the users or to the environment.

Feeling the responsibility for environment makes us aware of the principles of sustainable development when developing our offer. We invest in performance-enhancing solutions, increasing the energy efficiency of the production process and reducing the negative impact on the outside world. Evidence of the effectiveness of our activities is the EU Ecolabel Certificate.

  • 1Experience
  • 2Complexity
  • 3Quality Control


Logistics / Transport

The most important thing is to arrive on time…

By using the best partners we provide our clients with timely delivery both in Poland and throughout Europe and the world.

Additionally for our customers we also deal with the supply of outside subcontractors, creating a logistic center for the implementation of their projects on our premises.

The location of our facility near the A1 motorway ensures fast connections in the domestic market and the proximity of the Tri-City allows us to efficiently organize sea transport.

  • 1Logistics Center
  • 2Land Transport
  • 3Sea Transport



In order to succeed with the Project, one must finish it properly …

To properly install our equipment, we send our most experienced and trained assembly teams to provide our customers with professional service, strictly planned to complete the investment at the required time.

  • 1Experience
  • 2Precision
  • 3Professionalism