FAMOS Interior Factory

Hotel furniture

The need for beauty is in all of us. It makes us want to surround ourselves with beautiful objects in day to day life as well… even when we’re just passing through!

When it comes to furniture, „beauty” is not just an aesthetic experience … … It’s a combination of high quality, level of execution, both in terms of applied materials and construction solutions, of aesthetics and comfort of use.  You will find this unique set of features in all of our hotel furniture.

In our offer you will find: single beds, double beds, headboards, wardrobes, linen closets, cupboards, nightstands, desks, dressing tables, luggage racks, coffee tables, mirrors with hanger panel, chairs, armchairs, sofas.

In addition, we design, comprehensively equip and perform any unusual projects: reception areas, bars, cafes, restaurants, display shelves, atypical furnishings, individual development

All our furniture is subjected to a thorough inspection – passing rigorous endurance tests.

Our strength is flexibility and diversity. This allows us to design and manufacture furniture according to a specific customer’s order, taking into account its requirements and needs.

The ability to decide the final shape of furniture is our response to people’s ever stronger need to express their individuality and to take into account the real needs of hotel guests – who often choose a hotel, based on the originality and unique character of the decor.

From small projects to big investments, from standard spaces to unique interiors.

Our clients can choose among various finishing materials, such as:

There are no impossible projects for us!