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We also offer our customers internal doors for rooms and bathrooms.

Our doors are made of high quality materials. We use natural veneers (domestic and exotic wood) as well as laminates and underlay veneers.

We also use high quality materials to meet European standards for toxicity and flammability.

We also offer fire doors EI30, which successfully passed fire tests at ITB in Warsaw. In addition, these doors are characterized by 42 dB acoustic insulation, also confirmed by relevant research in ITB.


The wing frame is made of coniferous wood; the filling of the wing is: „honeycomb” stabilizer or chipboard; all of it covered with MDF board on both sides. Door leaves B and C – the frame is made of high quality wood; The leaves and the frame are covered with natural veneer.

Finishing works

– natural veneers
– laminates
– varnishes from deep mats to high gloss


Single leaf: “70”, “80”, “90”, “100” Double leaf: “120” – “200”


2 hinged hinges, 3 hinges in the “90”, “100” sash, lock: normal, bathroom lock or patent holder and dull glass, ventilation bushes 1 row, ventilation underlay, door handle, hinges, stained glass, ornamental glass or mirrors.