FAMOS Interior Factory
metal formwork

Grodzie i szalunki metalowe

The bulkhead and shuttering system is characterized by almost complete prefabrication of assembly elements and profiles, ensuring ease and speed of assembly and a high standard of rooms.

The rooms designed in this system meet all fire protection class requirements and provide very good sound insulation.


In addition to bulkheads and basic formworks, we also manufacture bulkheads and shuttering designed for wet rooms.

We offer:

  • class C-25mm formwork plates
  • class B0/B15-25mm formwork plates
  • class C-50mm bulkhead plates
  • class B15-50mm bulkhead plates
  • class B15-50mm acoustic bulkhead plates
  • class B15-50mm bulkhead plates with a cable line
  • class B15-80mm bulkhead plates

Sound insulation

  • B0 / B15-25mm formwork – Rw = 32dB
  • C-50mm bulkhead – Rw = 31dB
  • B15-50mm bulkhead – Rw = 35dB
  • B15-50mm acoustic bulkhead – Rw = 40dB
  • B15-50mm acoustic bulkheads– Rw = 49dB NEW!!!
  • B15-80mm bulkhead – Rw = 42dB



The system design uses “sandwich” type wall plates made of galvanized steel sheets covered with PVC decorative films. Between the sheets there is a core of thermal and acoustic insulation made of mineral wool. The longitudinal edges of the plates, fastened with a connector, are shaped in such a way that they form “own feathers” which, after assembling the plates, provide a seamless connection of the contact.
Completeness of the system is based on the manufacturer offering: lower and upper guides, multifunctional corner profiles enabling multi-variant wall connections between each other, and a coffer ceiling, cable casings, as well as formwork doors, window casings, portlights, cavities for fire extinguishers.

Fire resistance

The basic materials used for the production of wall panels are classified as non-flammable, while the finishing materials used as external claddings meet the characteristics of slow flame spread (SFS).
All materials used in the construction are also non-toxic.
The wall constructions presented here have passed international standard fire tests for class B in the “DANTEST” laboratory in Copenhagen, the BRANDVERSUCHSHAUS laboratory in Hamburg and in national laboratories, meeting the relevant requirements of the International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea SOLAS-1974 with amendments. On this basis, certificates for classes B0 and B15 issued by the Administrative authorities and Classification Societies of various countries were obtained.