FAMOS Interior Factory

Metal beds

Metal beds have been designed in order to meet the requirements of customers who expect product offers with high functional flexibility. This means a very wide application of our beds in different rooms, with different cubature and different purposes.
Metal beds are produced as P – right and L – left (except KK18-00 / B-20-005). This variant applies to the drawer. Beds with a drawer are also available in D variant – with two drawers.


The beds consist of metal legs and boxes made of bent profiles. In addition, depending on the variant, the beds consist of: a metal drawer and additional equipment such as a ladder and a mattress with a headrest. Bedding is stored in drawers, or fastened with straps in closed chests. Air-spring actuators are attached to the chests for safety when closing and opening chests.

A sofa bed with a seat and back assembly is coupled in a way that the opposite side of the backrest becomes a bed when it is turned into a horizontal position. The seat is automatically inserted into the interior of the fuselage for this time. Rotation of the lying position to the vertical position (retracting the lying area in the wall) automatically causes the seat to slide into the position of the sofa.