FAMOS Interior Factory

interior doors

Our doors are designed for installation of rooms, electrical and hydrant devices, as well as emergency exits, installed in formwork and bulkhead walls in internal rooms on ships.

We offer

  • • hydrant doors
  • • electric doors
  • • emergency doors
  • • inspection doors B15
  • • ceiling doors (also BO for BO class ceilings)
  • • B15 metal doors (max dimension 2150mmx1000mm)
  • • B15 doors with mineral panel
  • • door segments B15
  • • acoustic door segments 39dB B15
  • • doors A15 and A0-A30
  • • A0-A30 gas-tight doors
  • • A0-A30 doors are gas-tight and weathertight
  • • A60 gas-tight and weathertight doors


Doors are produced in two variants: for the wing made of asbestos-free mineral plate covered with laminate of recognized type, for the wing made of 0.7 mm thick galvanized steel sheet coated with decorative PVC foil, available in two varieties: L – left, P – right for single (single-leaf) doors. Thermal and acoustic insulation is made from mineral wool of the recognized type in the metal doors.

The door frame is made of 1.5 mm thick steel sheet and is covered with powder paint in the color corresponding with the RAL catalog.

Depending on the intended use, the door is equipped with: bolt lock for a triangular key, double-click latches, furniture handles or flat bolts (in the double door).