FAMOS Interior Factory

Walls and ceilings made of mineral plates

Wall and ceiling panels made of mineral asbestos-free slabs are intended for the construction of ship rooms in a system called “traditional”.
The rooms designed in this system meet all the fire resistance class requirements required by law.

We offer

  • M12/B0 plates
  • M18/C plates
  • M21/B15 plates
  • M24/B15 plates

In the system construction, mineral plates bonded on both sides with laminates complying with the standards for slow fire spread are used as the core, they are also non-toxic.
An assortment of presented plates enables the construction of partition walls between rooms and timbering of steel walls and decks.
Appropriate milling of the edge of the plates allowing the location of the silicone sealing mass allows also for the construction of “wet” rooms in this system (kitchens, toilets, etc.) The use of double walls in the construction gives the opportunity to obtain acoustic walls.
The wall plates are connected to each other by a “foreign feather” made of a steel hoop. Corner joints are made using a variety of overlapping or angular profiles.
The ceiling tiles are assembled to the previously made railing with screws.
As a variant, it is proposed to cover the plate contacts with the “omega” profile.