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Diune Hotel*****

Located just 20 meters from the beach, Diune Hotel ***** & Resort is located in the spa district of Kołobrzeg - a place for those wishing to celebrate the art of relaxation.

The breeze, the humming of the waves and the view of the Baltic dunes allow you to immerse yourself in the idyllic climate of the resort. The 5-star seafront hotel, protected by the greenery of the Seaside Park, is ideally suited to the maritime nature of Kołobrzeg and is waiting to be discovered by guests seeking perfect harmony.

In this luxurious hotel overlooking the sea, every detail and soothing coloring of the rooms with a hint of decadence provide a unique aesthetic experience.
The interior elegance of Art Deco has been perfectly combined with the simplicity of modernist architecture.

Stylish apartments and excellent services are not everything - the most important thing is the atmosphere created by exceptional people – the guests!

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